Mississippi Museum of Art Publications (2007–2017)

Project: Editorial Management of Publications

Robin C. Dietrick has provided editorial management for many Mississippi Museum of Art publications, including these significant exhibition catalogues:

Picturing Mississippi, 1817–2017: Land of Plenty, Pain, and Promise (2017) | 176pp; 150 illustrations | Jochen Wierich, editor | Jochen Wierich, curator; essays by Elizabeth Abston, LeRonn Brooks, Mimi Miller, Roger Ward, and Jochen Wierich

To Paint and Pray: The Art and Life of William R. Hollingsworth, Jr. (2012) | 104pp; 150 illustrations | Robin C. Dietrick, editor | Robin C. Dietrick, curator; essays by Robin C. Dietrick and J. Richard Gruber, PhD

The Orient Expressed: Japan’s Influence on Western Art, 1854–1918 (2011), in association with University of Washington Press | 192pp; 178+ illustrations | Gabriel P. Weisberg, editor | Gabriel P. Weisberg, curator; essays by Petra ten-Doesschate Chu, Laurinda S. Dixon, Elizabeth K. Mix, Sarah Sik, Erica L. Warren, and Gabriel P. Weisberg

Raoul Dufy, A Celebration of Beauty (2009), in association with the Humanities Exchange | 160pp; 200+ illustrations | Robin C. Dietrick, editor | Shirley Reiff Howarth, curator; essays by Guy Blazy and Shirley Reiff Howarth

A Painter’s Odyssey: The Art of Marshall Bouldin III (2008) | 64pp; 60 illustrations | Robin C. Dietrick, editor | Daniel Piersol, curator; essays by Marshall Bouldin IV and Daniel Piersol; interview with Marshall Bouldin III

The Mississippi Story (2007) | 132pp; 122 illustrations | Robin C. Dietrick, editor | Patti Carr Black, curator; essay by Patti Carr Black

Between God and Man: Angels in Italian Art (2007), in association with Crisalide S.r.l., Rome, Italy | 192pp; 125+ illustrations | Robin C. Dietrick, editor | Francesco Buranelli, curator; essays by Marco Bussagli, Cecilia Sica, and Roberta Bernabei